InfraEngineering offers comprehensive solutionsrelated to drafting, analysis and design, preparation of drawings and reports in Infrastructure Engineering Projects.

As a result of deep market research by a team of civil and software engineers, Infrastructure Suite solutions have been developed after understanding the practical problems faced by infrastructure engineers and designers while working with complex water resource and road design projects. These powerful tools cater to the needs of Road Design, Irrigation, Water Supply as well as Sewerage Management, and are greatly accepted and appreciated by engineers and designers for its ease of use, and time-saving capabilities.

The software in the Infrastructure Suites are widely used by engineers, surveyors, designers among others, to create industry-standard drawings, generate instant calculation reports and obtain other solutions related to Road Design, Irrigation, Water Supply as well as Sewerage Management. In every stage of the project, highly efficient and easy to use modules are very useful to help you save considerable time and prepare accurate and presentable drawings and reports.

road infra suite

Key Features

Water Infra Suite

  • Land Survey Solutions - Tools to facilitate Section Generation, Contouring, Converting Survey Data from the total station into CAD drawings and a host of other surveying operations.
  • Solutions for Irrigation Projects - Efficient and cost-effective solutions catering to the drafting, analysis and designing requirements related to the preparation of drawings and Reports in Irrigation and Canal Projects. With efficient handshaking of Excel and CAD, these software utilise the capabilities of both applications to a maximum extent, to save time, money and increase productivity.
  • Prepare DPR - The Ayacut Module is most suitable for the professionals working in Irrigation projects and serving the Ayacut requirements useful for Preparing an Area report of Land Acquisition or Utilisation of Survey Boundaries along the Project area.
  • Compute Irrigatable Area - Computing Percentage of a Particular Survey Boundary of various villages in Pocket (Chalks / DP) of the Irrigation project with Ayacut
  • Solutions for City Water Supply Projects - Comprehensive yet economical solutions for designing all kinds of city water supply and sewage management projects.
  • Design Water Network - Create a plan and profile for all the water network lines in a single step and automatically compute formation levels by specifying minimum and a maximum depth of cut.
  • Simplify the preparation of plan and profile - With the capability to handle multiple alignments in one go, you can easily create templates for the formation and cross-sections and generate comprehensive drawings for each alignment which includes the plan, profile, and cross-sections.
  • Design Water Distribution Networks - Comprehensive solution for designing Water Distribution Networks by taking Water Modelling data exported from popular water modelling software like Bentley WaterGEMS, EPA Net, PC Swimm etc.
  • Design Water Hydraulics - Achieve effective modelling of hydraulic systems with Water Hydraulics Designer which is based on the EPA Net Engine. Extended Time simulation tools are provided for better analysis of the flow and head during various periods of time. Save considerable time with innovative methods.

Road Infra Suite

  • Land Survey - Generate Base Map or Topo Map from the Surveyed Data.
  • Elevation & Image Extraction - Extract Images and Elevations from Google Earth for preliminary studies
  • TIN and DTM Models - Generate and view the TIN and DTM Models in 3D, Eliminate ambiguous data.
  • Horizontal Alignment design - Design with specified standards, all the curves at once with transitions, super elevation and extra widening, supports divided and un-divided carriage ways, strengthening and widening projects
  • Vertical Design - Design with specified standards, all the curves at once, with user defined constraints
  • Vertical Optimisation - A tool to generate most optimized Vertical Profile in strengthening and widening projects. saves time and project cost by optimizing the profile corrective course (PCC) quantities.
  • Traffic Data Analysis - Process and Analyse Traffic Data, BBD and Axle Load results to compute the Flexible pavement design thickness as per Indian Standards.
  • Working Cross sections - Create customised templates with ease, apply the same at selected stretches, with all the design and variable layers
  • Quantities - Extract the quantities of Design layers and variable layers in customised format.
  • Plan and Profile - Create and Print the Plan and Profile(P&P) drawings at once by the concept of Layouts.
  • Supported by AutoCAD and other Multiple CAD Platforms
  • Final Plan - Generate Plan Final Plan drawings, including Day Light
  • Strip Plan - Create easy Strip Plans